2011 Is Going To Be Really Busy….

Last Friday was a GREAT day for our pupils! Our classes have worked so hard on their blog that our Year 6 children have become quite famous and they received a special invitation to present at BETT 2011(London). As a non-techy person I was informed that BETT 2011 is the biggest national educational showcase for all things ICT.
What a playground! All the latest educational technology and most of the UK educational super-geeks all under one roof – and some of our Year 6 pupils got a chance to see and play! The 6 children and 4 staff set off at the crack of dawn from Wigan station. When I got up at 6.15am I already had a text on my phone saying that *Team Heathfield* were well on their way, rehearsing their presentations (whilst dipping into their packed lunches no doubt!) for the audience.
Throughout the day I could tell that @DeputyMitchell must be busy because twitterwise he was unusually quiet. However through the day there was a constant flow of kind comments from educators who had heard our children *speak*. I have even seen Binjameen presenting to a group of adults, demonstrating incredible maturity and expertise. (Many thanks @peterford) I was told, through the day, by various kind people that Heathfield children are, “awesome, intelligent, polite and well spoken!” Wow! Two of our boys, Raja and Binjameen, are so well known for their writing skills, that educators actually asked Mr Mitchell to introduce them!!!
Now I know that my pupils are the BEST IN THE WORLD but it is still lovely to be reminded! And once again, I am left feeling proud and happy. I wish I could have gone to BETT 2011, however hearing reports from a distance was rather lovely and I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to Mr Mitchell, Miss Dackombe, Miss Wiggans and Mrs Powell for taking the children to enjoy this wonderful experience.
Finally I would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to John Howarth, Scholastic (@chrisrat) and also Rising Stars (@andreacarr1) because without their help we could not have attended BETT 2011. Ours is a small school and without their assistance we could not have afforded the train fares. Because of these kind sponsors our pupils were able to see some amazing new software and were able to present to a real and appreciative audience. I know that @DeputyMitchell has a few more surprises up his sleeve. I will endeavour to keep up!

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