30th January 2011

This month has gone so quickly! And January is always such a busy time of year! I am really pleased to see some of our Year 2 boys producing some great writing on the blog. There is no doubt that for boys, collaboration is often the key to engagement in writing. Linked with a topic based approach the standard of writing continues to improve massively. Our Year 2 children have REALLY enjoyed their themes this year, “Life in the Freezer” was a fantastic topic. The children learnt lots of key geography skills, learnt about wildlife and conservation and discovered the great adventurers “Shackleton” and “Scott”. Some of the letter writing written in the first person as though they were Scott was truly awe inspiring – for some of the class it was also the first time that they had discussed the very difficult theme of death.

Currently Year 2 are learning about castles – the boys and girls are fascinated and they are loving learning about this topic. I’m hoping to see some photos of the model castles on the blog soon.

Year 1 have just embarked on a “space” topic – great stuff! They already have their role play spce rocket set up in the Learning Zone….sadly I haven’t been invited to join in yet….

Never mind. I’m sure my turn will come!

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