A Special Visitor

This week we had a very special visitor to school. One of our year 5 girls has been really poorly this year and has not been in school since February. Since February Abigail has had a major operation, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Abigail is now having physiotherapy and we are hoping that she will very soon [...]

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Moving the Boulder

I’ve been a bit quiet lately on the blogging front. I’ve been thinking about my voice, why I blog and who I am talking to. I have come to the conclusion that what I should be doing is talking to myself – professionally!  The rationale for my blog is that I use it to evaluate [...]

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Conversations with Reception Class

I was in Reception Class one morning this week carrying out one of my regular *Learning Walks*. I was quite thrilled to see the use of ICT to extend the opportunities for learning. The children had been given the task of recording their own learning for their Learning Journals using laminated name cards and a [...]


Heathfield at the SSAT National Conference!

Last September I was in the enviable position of starting the new year with a new Deputy Headteacher. At that point (September 2009) I had been in post for 3 terms and was just starting my 4th term as Headteacher. The term began well and Heathfield was looking great! Lots of young enthusiastic staff, great [...]

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Headteacher Blog – The Learning Walk

Two years into Headship and the learning journey continues! Every day is still a new day and I still find it incredibly challenging dealing with the unexpected every single day of the week. Without my trusty notebook there is no doubt that I would struggle to recall all of the conversations that I have on [...]

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Headteacher Blog – Life Cycles April 2010

EYFS have been learning about Life Cycles this term. The caterpillars are safe in their cocoons, the tadpoles are getting bigger day by day and the stick insects are loving their privet and bramble leaves. If only the Year 6 curriculum could look a little bit more like this then I believe that nationally our [...]

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